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PATH Foundation Dopamine and the brain
FOX News Study finds BMI may be misleading
TIME.com Americans may be fatter than we think, study says
Healthcare Today Men may be thinner than they thought
BBC News US obesity ‘higher than thought’
AZ Daily Sun Obesity crisis not well-measured by BMIs
USA Today Online Obesity is more common than ever; stress makes you sick
CBS News U.S. Obesity Rates May Be Underestimated, Study Finds: Blame BMI test?
MSN Health U.S. Women Could Be More Obese Than Believed
CNN.com Obesity Rate May Be Worse Than We Think
U.S. News and World Report Health Buzz: Obesity Rate Higher Than Thought
Health.com Study: Obesity Rate May Be Worse Than We Think
What Women Must Know How to have a younger brain and a sharper mind with Dr. Eric Braverman
The Atlantic You’re Getting Dumber as You Age: Here’s How to Slow the Decline
FMGRadio Fabulous at 60, A Younger Sexier You
Access Hollywood Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Reality Star Sonja Morgan’s Anti-Aging Secrets!
Fox News Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Says She’s Smoking Meth or Crack
LiveStrong – Lance Armstrong’s Blog Dr. Eric Braverman Diet
ABC News Dr. Braverman cited as addiction specialist in an article on Amy Winehouse’s death
National Enquirer Dr. Braverman comments on the rise of Crystal Meth
SocialChats.net Radio Show compliments Dr. Braverman on his use of social networks, such as facebook, youtube, and twitter.
New You Mag A Cure for Alzheimer’s?
HealthMAD Is Stress Making it Hard for You to Sleep? Try These Solutions!
Financial Mail Still Hungry?
RT Sleep World P300 Evoked Potential May Identify Early Brain Deterioration
Internalmedicinenews.com P300 Evoked Potential May Identify Early Brain Deterioration
Huffington Post Erectile Dysfunction? What Might Be Causing Your Declining Libido
TheHuffingtonPost.com Dr. Braverman is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post
CNBC’s Fast Money New Skinny on Diet Pills
News 12 NJ The Health Benefits of Condiments
Articlesbase.com Dr. Braverman’s Menopausal Tips
Pregnancy.org Watch Dr. Braverman on The Doctors
Feed Your Brain First Blog What Happened to Feed Your Brain First?
Healthy Brain Lifestyles Meet Dr. Eric Braverman
The Kosmix Community Article written about Dr. Braverman’s Younger You Diet
TBN Dewey Friedel interview: How the Brain Controls Weight Loss
FabFit50s 5 After 50: Ways to boost your metabolism
SheKnows.com Feel Good Food
Bipolar.devdd.com Bipolar Imbalances And Hormones
Good Morning America Diet Success: How Did These People Lose Hundreds of Pounds
CW11 Alzheimer’s Studies
Vitamin Retailer Back Talk
Frontiers IN LA Stress-Less
The New York Times Researchers Find Study of Medical Marijuana Discouraged
WomansDay.com 8 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex
CNN’s HLN Recent Missing Children Cases
Liver Health Today The Mysterious Condition of Fibromyalgia
New York Daily News Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), often hidden, could be diagnosed using brain imaging
HealthNews.com 12 Most Important Herbs & Spices to Add to Your Diet
CW11 Hidden Fat
The Star Ledger Playing the Game of Risk
HBO Anti-Aging
Philadelphia Inquirer A little pan-Asian passion
MSN.com 12 Ways to Boost Your Brainpower
Associated Content Can Nutrition Help Manage Lupus?
Healthy, Wealthy, Wisdom Three-Point Algorithm for Surgery Prevention
LiveStrong.com Antidepressant Alternatives
LiveStrong.com The Best Foods for Weight
stltoday.com Seven Sevens to a Healthier Life
Esquire Healthy Alcohol Options
AOL’s Pop Eater Epidemic’ of Prescription Drug Abuse in Hollywood
CNBC Power Lunch Proposed Bill to Ban Salt in NYC Restaurants
Toronto Sun Your Fat, Your Fault
iVillage.com Benefits of Exercise
Indianapolis Star Herbs and Spices Can Improve Your Health
Health Canal New Research Indicates a Massive Underdiagnosis of Obesity when Using Body Mass Index
UPI.com Massive under diagnosis of obesity
ABC News.com Inside Jesse James’ Reported Sex Addiction Treatment
Fox 5 News Recent Study Finds Workers from 9/11 Still Have Lung Problems
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Workzone: Work stress affects your health
AOL’s Pop Eater Docs: Bret Michaels Might Be ‘Worse Than We Think’
Investor’s Business Daily Fight Stress and Fatigue
WCBS Evening News Stress Eating Foods and the Chemicals that Cause Us to Eat Them
FOX NewsEdge Walgreens Providing Over the Counter Genetic Testing Kits
Men’s Health Online 7 Easy-End-of Year Upgrades
Toronto Sun Recipe for Disaster
Fox Business Channel Dr. Braverman discusses Senate vote on healthcare
Access Hollywood Death of Brittany Murphy
ABCNews.com Top Seven Deadly Foods: Gross or Tasty?
EMaxHealth.com Features a full review of the Younger, Thinner You Diet
CNBC The importance of prevention in avoiding the swine flu
NY Daily News Hold the Butter: Eating too Much Fat Slows you Down and Makes You Dumb
365blog Yadia Laguerre inteviews Dr. B on The Value of Children
Good Morning America Dr. B was in a live segment about addictions to junk food with anchor Kate Snow.
FoxNews.com In a discussion on health care reform, Dr. B offered on how the healthcare bill will hurt businesses, and ways that reform can work.
FoxNews.com Critics See Health Care Rationing Behind New Mammography
FoxNews.com White House Takes Aim at Critics of New Breast Cancer Guidelines

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